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Newcombe Kennels

Obedience Training
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Obedience Training
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I become certified as a master dog trainer over 7 years ago. However I do not consider myself fully trained, being open minded I realize that I still have lots to learn about the many different breeds we have in this world. Each breed comes with its own traits and we need to learn as owners and trainers what behaviours to expect and how to train breed specifically.

Puppy Classes I teach basic obedience classes for puppies, which includes socialization periods and exposure to other animals.
Beginner Obediece Classes for dogs over 6 months are also offered,  6 dog maximum per class ensures each owner gets the time they need to work with any issues they have
Advanced Classes are offered for those who have mastered the basic commands and are looking to have an off leash trained dog
Tracking Classes are offered when I have enough interest
Aggressive Dog retraining is done on a one on one basis at your home, I asses the dog and work with the owner to teach them how to read the dog, what its triggers are and how to resolve the problem $30 per hour + Milage
Fearful dog training is done on  one on one basis at your home, I help the owner understand why the dog is fearful and build its confidence $30 per hour + Milage
Board and Train is an option for those who are to busy to train their own dog, price is $50 per day. I train the dog and then the owner once the training is complete.  Basic commands are taught on the farm and the dog is taken downtown to practice in public. Its expensive and reflects the cost of a regular boarding kennel at $20 per day. $ 30 is to cover my time training the dog. I can usually train a dog the basic commands on leash in 7 days.

Spring Classes and Fall Classes 2016
 Board and Train  after april 2016